Our goal is to help you understand your dog and how they learn best.

This sets you up for long term success. The skills you learn from Venture Dog Training will be an investment in the relationship you have with your dog and every other dog you invite into your life

Yes, we take your and your dog’s safety and welfare seriously. We are insured through FBD Insurance

We adhere to a strict code of ethics and use only reward based techniques. Our ethical and force free methods are based on the most current science of dog training and behavior.

You’ll definately need a dog! After that, we recommend a 2 metre lead, some of your dog’s favourite food rewards and a bag or pouch to put them in. A comfortable harness is also a good.

investment and a whistle if your not confident in shouting “Come” down at the park.

It’s totally natural to be worried about your dog’s weight and health and this is a big concern for a lot of people. When using food rewards it’s best to cut them up into small pieces around the size of your dog’s kibble. You can always reduce your dog’s daily food ration if you’re concerned.

You may also substitute a training session for one of your dog’s regular mealtimes but don’t be surprised if your dog doesn’t find kibble very rewarding.

Yes. We also train people of any breed, age and size.

Your training plan is bespoke for you and your dog. We can fit with your schedule and can change approach if needed.

Dog’s can associate what they learn with where they learn it. We have better control over the environment and distractions so you and your dog can concentrate on training.

We work at your pace and provide more personalised instruction which means no wasted time.

Aggression is a broad topic with several contributary factors. Venture Dog Training can help you gain a better understanding of these behaviors and refer you to an experienced behaviourist
if you need more help than we can provide.

How long is a piece of string?  If your dog has been practicing an undesirable behavior for 2 years, it won’t change in 2 weeks.

We often provide enough information in our consultation session to train the new behavior, but consistent practice is the key to success. Teaching  new behaviours will take multiple sessions as we want to be sure your dog can offer the behaviour you want in multiple scenarios.

As your relationship builds with your dog you’ll learn to enjoy their small victories and enjoy the process rather than the end result.

If you are consistent, follow your trainer’s instructions and you are kind in training your dog, you will see a change in behaviour.

Training is a process, not an event.

Because the aim of our training is not only to teach your dog the behaviours they need to live with you and fit into your life. It’s to help you build a relationship with your dog built on mutual trust and give you
a means to communicate with each other.

Struggling with a dog you can’t train or who doesn’t listen to can be stressful enough without the trainer adding to the stress. Our aim is to make training as easy, efficient and enjoyable as possible. We know that people learn best through fun and success.

Training needs repetition and guidance and people learn at differnt paces and have different learning styles. We are here to support you, teach you and help you and your dog throughout the whole process.

Set up the environment so your dog can be successful and look for your dog doing it right, not what they do wrong. Reward your dog when they do something you like such as sitting, looking at you or lying down.

Reward the behavior you like and your dog will do it more often!